Computer recycling schemes for retired or redundant ICT equipment- Short survey

31st July 2013

The EAUC is working with a strategic partner, IT Schools Africa, to understand the main barriers and problems to institutional participation in ICT equipment "end of life" recycling schemes. These schemes have proved to be very popular and fruitful in other sectors, so we’d like to understand how tertiary education can embrace it and how we can help institutions to embed them.

If you have any knowledge and understanding that could be crucial in helping institutions break down the internal barriers associated with sustainable ICT schemes like this, we would like to invite you to carry out this short survey. It should only take about 10 minutes. The more completed surveys we recieve, the better we can understand and help you address any current issues you face. – please do pass this survey link onto other colleagues in your institution if they may have something to add on these topic.

The closing date for the survey is Friday 30 August. We’ll publish the results of the survey so the main trends and themes can be seen. 
IT Schools Africa