Innovative EcoHack event calls for Sustainability Mentors and Speakers

17th March 2016

While there are various technological solutions available to those who strive to reduce energy consumption and live their lives more sustainably, influencing behavioural change still remains a challenge. This is what inspired the creators of Eco Hack. This project is a ten-week programme that will help students develop skills and broaden their knowledge of environmental issues and solutions.

Groups of students from the Tech City College, will be tasked with designing an interactive application for Primary and Junior aged children that will influence the way they think about energy efficiency within their own school environment. This project, supported by the EAUC, will be delivered as a part of students’ curriculum. One of the creative designs will have a chance to be developed into a fully functional interactive learning application. 

Combining the imaginative flair, design capabilities and concepts of the students at Tech City College with the industry knowledge and technical expertise of the speakers, we are certain that Eco Hack will feature some inspiring designs that can revolutionise the way that children are being taught about the energy efficiency. 

If you would like to be a part of this inspiring process and contribute to our programme as a speaker or mentor please get in touch. Eco Hack are still looking for climate change experts, environmental data scientists and sustainability enthusiasts and many more to inspire students. If you would like to discuss speaking opportunities please email: More at
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