Inspire Fund - Public Engagement Funding

15th April 2019

A new public engagement funding scheme part of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s work to tackle misconceptions around dementia and promote the importance of dementia research is now available. This is to support new perspectives, talent and expertise to shed a spotlight on this important issue, and the Inspire Fund is open to anyone with the passion and skills to make that possible.

Applications are open to all (both those within or outside the research community), as well as collaborations between different groups and individuals. 

Projects must meet one or more of the aims of the Inspire Fund:
Inform the public about dementia, including challenging misconceptions.
Build awareness of dementia and ignite action for change.
Engage and inspire the public with the progress being made in dementia research. 

Apply today for one of our three funding tiers:

Bronze up to £5,000
Silver up to £15,000
Gold up to £30,000

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2019. You can find out more and how to apply at
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