Introducing our 2018 Fellows

5th June 2018

Last year, we saw a transformation in our member engagement as we launched the EAUC Fellows Programme. This put members firmly at the heart of the organisation, engaging and motivating them while recognising them for their expertise and input. We announced 18 fellows last year, and this year we have added 8 more to their ranks.

Announcing them today, midway through Volunteers’ Week feels particularly apt. On one level the EAUC is a small organisation with only 11 staff, but our Fellows are a shining example that if we get the relationship right with our 5000 members, the EAUC community becomes a huge force for good that punches well above its weight. 

Today, we recognise and reward 8 members that go above and beyond in contributing their time and expertise to the EAUC and the embedding of sustainability at the heart of post-16 education.

Our Fellows will work with us on various areas including embedding sustainability within curriculum, engaging with the SDGs, widening our leadership programmes and helping us deliver our advocacy strategy as well as leading on energy, carbon, travel, construction and biodiversity.

We greatly look forward to working with the Fellows on these initiatives.

See the whole list of Fellows here.
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