It’s not rocket science it’s surprisingly simple

21st May 2013

EAUC Annual Conference delegates warming to fully vegetarian menus

National Vegetarian Week 2013 runs from the 20 - 26 May and is setting out to prove that going veggie is surprisingly simple. Visit and discover the delicious answer to the question ‘but what do veggies eat?’, try our seven mouth-watering, fuss-free recipes and view our gallery of everyday food photos, all created by ordinary vegetarians.

We work hard to create tasty menus with GOLD Food for Life Accreditation on all EAUC Annual Conference 2013 menus. This allowed us to offer locally sourced, seasonal menus to keep delegates energised throughout the Conference! Following our Conference, we ask delegates if they'd be interested in a fully vegetarian menu for the 2014 Conference and we were surprised by the results...

% respondents strongly agree/agree with the statement: 'I would be interested in a fully vegetarian menu for 2014':
• 2012 - 35%
• 2013 - 54% a huge increase!

Liz O’Neill, Head of Communications at the Vegetarian Society, said, “Going vegetarian is fun, tasty and seriously rewarding, and there’s never been a better time to enjoy a meat-free lifestyle. Our world is complicated enough and this one surprisingly simple change will benefit your health, the environment and animals. It’s not rocket science, it’s just delicious.”

Visit to enjoy special menus, discounts and events from shops, restaurants and pubs, to order free posters and to learn more about the Week. Keep up to date with the Week through Facebook/nationalveggieweek and Twitter @nvw2013

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