Jobs for Good

12th October 2018

More and more candidates want to use their career to make a positive difference in the world. They want to work with organisations who think differently, operate responsibly and are forward-looking; employers with strong values that match their own. Jobs for Good enables you to access these candidates and create a force for good that will power your organisation into the future.

Jobs for Good is a specialist jobs board for roles that create social and environmental value; for individuals seeking their next role where they can make an impact; and for employers who are looking to recruit people who are passionate about making a difference and share their organisational values.

Jobs for Good is part of Change Agents UK, a well established charity and not for profit organisation that has been recruiting early careerists into jobs in sustainability and developing them in their roles since 1996.

Jobs for Good for Employers

We want to help organisations operating ‘for Good’ find and retain enthusiastic new talent to drive them forward. We want to support and nourish your ambitions for improving the “for Good” focus in your organisation and realising the commercial benefits that can bring. We know how important it is to not only find people with the right skillset, but also the right attitude and mindset to fit with your organisation’s values and culture.

Jobs for Good for Jobseekers

For those who want that sense of being part of something bigger, to find an organisation filled with people who share your values is vital. We advertise roles for those who want to work with likeminded people in an ethical business that seeks to make a positive impact on the world, which could be in anything from specialist roles in HR, Finance or IT; through Heritage roles and Corporate Social Responsibility, to roles directly working in Sustainability.

All of our work is done not-for-profit.

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