SDG Accord Report 2021 Now Available

27th September 2021

A global alliance of the world’s universities, colleges and sustainability networks has launched the fourth annual SDG report; ‘Progress towards the Global Goals in the University and College sector’ available here.

The findings from the SDG Accord progress report this year show that awareness of the SDGs in universities and colleges across the world is steadily increasing, but so too are the challenges, namely in the form of resources and access to consistent executive and governmental support.

The number of institutions committing to the SDG Accord continues to rise and so too does the ambition to embed the SDGs within education institutions. We were particularly delighted to see a considerable increase in the number of new institutions (42) reporting this year, compared to only 15 new institutions in 2020.

Those that start to embed the SDGs do so at a very rapid pace, and we are excited to see the breadth and depth of initiatives institutions a few years into embedding the SDGs are undertaking the world over in the form of case studies submitted. These are proving to be truly inspirational Global Goals, and those that embrace them are reaping the rewards as they report how powerful an engagement tool the SDGs are proving to be.

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