Launch of the 2015 French speaking edition of the Green Gown Awards

4th May 2015

Today sees the launch of the 2015 French speaking edition of the Green Gown Awards – Les Trophées des campus responsables.

This is the 2nd year of the French speaking Awards and this year they have been extended to include French speaking institutions in Canada, as well as France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The Green Gown Awards were founded in the UK in 2004, in addition to the French speaking edition there is also the Green Gown Awards Australasia which has been run since 2010.

The Awards recognise exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges. The Awards cover all aspects of educational institutions – from their teaching and research, leadership, buildings, food and how students can benefit the quality of life in the communities around them.

The Les Trophées des campus responsables are open to all French speaking universities and colleges, institutes and institutions for the following categories:
  • Social Responsibility* - supported by Veolia Price (subject to confirmation)
  • Student Involvement* - Prize supported by Ricard SA
  • Sustainable Commitment* - Prize supported by Egis Foundation (subject to confirmation)
  • Technical Innovation for Sustainable Development - supported Canibal Price (subject to confirmation)
  • Disability & Skills Award - Award supported by members of the Disability & Skills Club
  • Territorial Synergies - Prize supported by Bouygues Construction
  • Student Life Quality - Prize supported by Nexity

The categories marked with an asterisk will automatically be competing for the International Green Gown Awards, ensuring international recognition throughout. Applications for these categories are to be completed in English.

Experts and personalities from the world of sustainable development and education will judge and select the winners in September 2015.

To register, download and complete an application by the deadline of 31 July at

Please view the press release (in French) below for further information.

Press contact
Pauline Pingusson, Project Manager Responsible Campus,
06 58 74 58 52
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