Launching Whole Earth - a new exhibition from Hard Rain

27th May 2014

If you were at the EAUC Annual Conference, you'd already know about the launch of latest exhibition from the Hard Rain Project - WHOLE EARTH?

Dom Anderson, Vice President (Society and Citizenship), NUS announced the launch of a 2015 exhibition to help the planet’s students plot their own sustainable futures.

Hard Rain Project (HRP) in collaboration with the National Union of Students (NUS) launched the new exhibition, WHOLE EARTH?, simultaneously at universities in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe in 2015. We aim to reach a million students at 100 universities in that year. WHOLE EARTH? comprises a new outdoor exhibition and programme of events that will include public exhibitions at botanic gardens, museums and in slum communities in the majority world.

Sustainable Development Goals

WHOLE EARTH? responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative (SDG). SDGs will shape government policies and UN programmes up to 2030; those policies will determine the future for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Being written by national governments whose primary focus is managing the shorter-term interests of a predominantly older electorate, SDGs are unlikely to endorse long-term measures that would underpin security for young people alive today and future generations.

WHOLE EARTH? brings the college-age generation more firmly into the sustainability debate, helping them understand the treats as well as the solutions and opportunities that these challenges open up. The exhibition supports a programme of talks and events designed to give students a voice. Rather than signatures, we aim for a million selfies, collaged together as a mosaic artwork: a reminder to political leaders that they are responsible for future generations as well as today’s voters.

Find out more at and download the overview below.
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