Let's talk energy storage

11th October 2017

The growth in sustainable energy technologies will come under the spotlight at a University of Brighton ‘Energy Storage’ evening.

The event, on 19 October in Cooksbridge, near Lewes, is being organised by the University’s Green Growth Platform. Its aim is to promote best practice in the application of sustainable storage solutions and to foster co-operation between businesses in the low carbon and renewables sector across Sussex.

New technological systems will be capable of storing energy generated from the wind and sun during periods of low demand so that it can be used during periods of high demand. This will overcome the problem of variable supply and allow electricity grids to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. The industry is booming – estimates by Lux Research suggest the global industry for energy storage could be worth $100bn in the next few years.

Joy Louis Aloor, Head of Power Technologies at Siemens, will speak about new technologies, projects, and products and how the market is expected to evolve in the short to medium term.

Nick Heyward, Head of Energy Storage at Origami Energy, will give an overview of the financing and funding mechanisms available to developers of energy storage systems, from domestic to industrial level, and on the potential for the sector in Sussex.

Thomas Maidonis, an energy economist on the National Grid's Power Responsive team, will describe how the challenges of future transmission and the distribution grid will be met through solutions such as virtual power plants, dynamic load management, direct marketing, control reserves and other grid services.

Green Growth Platform Director, Zoe Osmond, said: “The government will shortly be releasing its much-anticipated Clean Growth Strategy and this event is a key opportunity to align policy and business innovation to enable a more flexible power system with storage at its heart."

The Green Growth Platform supports growth and innovation of green-focused companies across Sussex. The Platform has 850 members and many receive business support, grants and finance advice, innovation and skills development, events and connections from a team of industry experts, business advisors and academic specialists from University of Brighton.

The event is aimed at all businesses with an interest in low carbon and renewable technologies, smart grids, cleantech, energy storage systems, demand response strategies and the part that these technologies will play in switching to a sustainable economy.

Tickets can be booked online at https://muonevents.com/ggp-storage and for more information from the Green Growth Platform, email greengrowthplatform@brighton.ac.uk
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