LSE launches ambitious plan to embed environmental sustainability across its operations

21st October 2020

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LSE has today (21 October) launched its plan to tackle the climate crisis and announced it will be the first UK university to become carbon neutral, for all the emissions it currently measures.

This status will be achieved through ongoing work by the School to reduce its carbon footprint and by offsetting residual emissions through the funding of carbon reduction projects elsewhere. Currently, LSE measures emissions associated with the School’s energy use, water consumption, waste generation and business travel.

The leading social science institution has already significantly reduced its carbon footprint through investment in energy efficiency and other measures. These include sourcing 100% of the School’s electricity from renewable sources and retrofitting buildings to optimise energy use.

LSE will continue to work - as a priority - to achieve its longer-term commitment of becoming net-zero. This will involve the School following a challenging carbon reduction pathway in line with climate science and using carbon removal measures for all its residual emissions.

This is one of a package of commitments set out by the university today in a bid to tackle the climate crisis and embed sustainable practices across all areas of the School - from education and research to investment and leadership.

The university’s Sustainability Strategic Plan was created in full consultation with the LSE community. Through a series of events and workshops, engagement with Student Union societies and an online survey, LSE students and staff made clear their desire for the university to take bold action on the environment.

During the consultation, 95 per cent of LSE staff and students said LSE’s approach to environmental sustainability was important to them and 93 per cent said they would be willing to accept changes to their university life to support sustainability.

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