Merry Christmas from your EAUC!

17th December 2013

Here at the EAUC we are determined to continue our sustainable way of living and thinking through the festive season! 

All of our staff have pledged one sustainable action that they are going to try to persue this Christmas. 

EAUC Staff sustainable Christmas pledges:

Iain Patton, Chief Executive: "I pledge not to pinch so many of the fiar trade chocolates in my children's Christmas stockings as i usually have to go out and buy more which is a waste!"

Fiona Goodwin, Head of Member Services: "I pledge to offset my flights for my jungle adventure - I will donate my offset to support orang-utans in Borneo (which I am hoping to see!)"

Iain Boyd, Corporate Relationship Manager: "I have challenged some friends who have pledged to only drink organic wine and beer from the local area, so no port..."

Lisa Walkley, Membership Services Manager: "I pledge to use offcuts and unused rolls of old wrapping paper from previous Christmases and birthdays to wrap my gifts."

Abbie Weaver, Member Communications Officer: "I pledge to try and buy sustainably produced toys for my children this Christmas."

Emma-Louise Aston, Member Events and Communities Officer: "I pledge to make every effort to have as much organic, locally sourced and fair trade food for Christmas dinner this year."

Kate Graham, Member Administration Officer: "I pledge to recycle all of my Christmas cards."

Kate Aubury, Finance Officer: "I pledge to only send recycled Christmas cards or e-cards to all my friends and family."

Sarah Lee, Scotland Manager: "I pledge to use the most sustainable modes of transport to prepare for Christmas Day shopping and visiting this year and to promote active travel." 

Hanna Plant, Scotland Project Officer: "I pledge to give presents that are either handmade or not a consumable item. i.e a contribution to charity or a cool personal experience."
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