My World, My Home - organising and empowering FE students

26th April 2017

In June 2017 NUS and Friends of the Earth will launch an exciting student engagement programme in in 12 colleges in England and Wales.
My World, My Home is funded by the Big Lottery through NUS's Our Bright Future fund. The programme will work with colleges across three distinct geographical areas in England and Wales (South Wales / Bristol area; Nottinghamshire and adjoining counties; London), training up students as community campaigners on social justice, sustainability and nature issues.
Over 3.5 years, the project will train and empower 160 students to deliver impactful 60 local campaigns and projects, reaching 6,500 people in total. The 160 students will have the opportunity to gain the coveted Open College Network Community Campaigning qualification outside of their formal study programme.
The project will start this summer, and NUS and FoE are now looking for colleges in the three defined geographical areas to participate. As this is a fully-funded programme there is no financial cost to the participating colleges.
If you are from one of the three geographical areas and are interested, and think your students’ union will be interested too, please contact Jamie Agombar, Head of Sustainability at NUS. The deadline to express your interest is Friday 12 May 2017. 
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