NERC invests £1.3M to engage the UK public on big issues in environmental science

15th April 2019

An innovative project that will see researchers collaborate with diverse communities on issues in environmental science has been awarded £1.3M through NERC’s Engaging Environments programme. The award is NERC’s largest single investment in public engagement, with project partners pledging a further £235,000 in in-kind contributions.

The Stage 2 project is led by the University of Reading, in partnership with the University of Birmingham, University College London, the University of Salford, The University of Manchester, Newcastle University, and the organisations Earthwatch, Tekiu, and Citizens UK. A further 25 partners, including the Woodland Trust, the Natural History Museum and open science portal Figshare, will also contribute to the project. The project takes an innovative approach that combines community development, storytelling and citizen science, enabling diverse communities to have a meaningful stake in discussing and tackling environmental science issues such as climate change and pollution.

The award is part of the Engaging Environments Programme which supports ambitious projects to engage the UK public with contemporary environmental science issues on a national scale.
Those interested in engaging with NERC public engagement are encouraged to subscribe to the Environmental Science Engagement Jiscmail list to share ideas and information with others.

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