New Leadership Foundation project

25th September 2017

The Leadership Foundation are looking for 8 Higher Education Institutions from England, Wales or Northern Ireland to take part in their Integrated Thinking and Reporting project. Funded by HEFCE and HEFCW, the project will explore integrated thinking and reporting in a collaborative environment with professional support, facilitation and networking opportunities.

Formal expressions of interest to take part should be submitted to the Leadership Foundation no later than 9am Friday 6 October 2017. 
Your response will need to answer the following questions:
  1. Why your university would like to participate?
  2. What factors or characteristics of integrated reporting are currently present in your reporting and communications? Relevant factors and characteristics might be helpful when considering this question.
  3. What is your university hoping to gain from participation and how will you measure the success of your participation?
  4. Who from the university will take part and what you may be able to share with the rest of the project group?

While not essential, they would also like to know if your university has any current experience of Integrated Reporting (IR), and the extent to which, if at all, your annual report adopts the IR framework. 

Please send your expressions of interest to Kim Ansell, Managing Consultant, Your expression of interest should not exceed 2000 words.
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