New online platform for scholarships

9th March 2015

The European Funding Guide is a new online platform which helps students find money for their education. This is the largest portal in Europe encompassing more than 12,000 scholarships, grants, awards and prizes worth 27 billion Euros. 4,000 of these financial aid option are specifically targeted at UK students. The platform was created in a collaboration between the non-profit initiative for transparent funding and the European Commission.

European Funding Guide works with a matching algorithm displaying only those scholarships, grants, awards and prizes that really match the individual student’s profile. The 12,000 support programmes cover a wide range of areas where students may require (financial) assistance - from daily living costs, tuition fees and internships to extra costs for semesters abroad, language courses and costs associated with scientific projects.

Most students in the UK still believe that scholarships are only granted based on merit and need. Most also believe that there are only a few scholarship providers. The truth is that there are more than 4,000 scholarship programmes in the UK alone and more than 25 selection criteria according to which scholarships are granted. There's such a great variety of scholarships that a significant number of scholarship providers cannot allocate their budgeted funds because they receive too few applications.
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