Oportunity to review university data in 2x Brite Green reports

13th July 2016

Brite Green: University emissions data now available for review
Brite Green publish a wide ranging review of carbon reduction performance in the higher education sector. The analysis reviews data from 2005 to 2015 and assesses absolute reductions to date, performance against targets, and projected emissions out to 2020 both for the sector as a whole and individually for all HEFCE funded universities and colleges.
In order to ensure the findings accurately reflect the performance of Universities, we are making the data available for review. If you would like to review and / or update the data for your institution, please request the data sheet.

Link: http://www.brite-green.co.uk/index.php/blog/item/192-university-emissions-data-now-available-for-review

Deadline: Close of business 22nd July 2016
Brite Green University Carbon Progress Report: Case Study Questionnaire
We are publishing the third Brite Green University Carbon Progress Report for English universities this year. Following discussions with a number of institutions who expressed interest in learning more about sustainability and carbon management efforts across the sector, this year’s analysis will also include case studies outlining the opportunities and challenges universities are facing in meeting these targets.
We invite you to answer this short questionnaire to better inform the upcoming Carbon Progress Report.

This questionnaire should take 5 minutes or less to complete.

Link to Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10r2AA36GmEAyHtf9jAmMcInAiJbxrz3lkop00xhPyvA/viewform
Deadline: Close of business 22nd July 2016
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