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17th March 2015

In the last week the EAUC has officially become a Network Supporter of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). We are also delighted to tell you that PRI are now a partner on the Sustainability Exchange. In the future we will be sharing materials, engagement tools and best practice case studies on responsible investment for our members to benefit from their invaluable insights.

PRI is a United Nations backed initiative consisting of an international network of investors who are working together to put the six principles for responsible investment into practice. Joining this network illustrates the EAUC's commitment to responsible investment and we fully recognise the impact of issues such as environment, social and governance (ESG) factors and ownership on the investment decision making process.

As a PRI Network Supporter we will be able to provide Members access to ongoing support and advice to help raise awareness of responsible investment. PRI have already shown their commitment by agreeing to be involved in one of our workshops sessions during this year’s Annual Conference (25 March). Yann Gindre, a director from PRI will be speaking alongside Will Oulton, Global Head of Responsible Investment at First State. The session entitled Greening the Tiger - Investing positively will provide an overview of options available for universities and colleges, in terms of responsible and positive investments.

Over recent years, responsible investment is increasingly taking a higher priority on the agenda of higher education institutions. A number of UK universities have committed to pursuing fossil fuel divestment, including University of Glasgow and University of Bedfordshire. In the case of the University of Bedfordshire, they have developed a new ethical investment policy and strategy which demonstrates their commitment to combating the effects of climate change going forward.

The Principles for Responsible Investment Academic Network is a unique research community established to support the work of the PRI Initiative through research on responsible investing. It fosters a network of scholars, practitioners, policymakers and students interested in responsible investment issues and provides freely accessible avenues for research, education and network-building on critical responsible investment issues. You can sign up for their newsletter here.

If you would like to find out more about PRI then head over to their dedicated page on the Sustainability Exchange.
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