Salix Accepting Applications for University Energy-Efficiency Project Financing

12th March 2018

Salix has interest-free financing for available for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in England. If you are in the position to apply before March, please contact Salix to discuss funding opportunities.
Salix also welcomes early submissions and are happy to have discussions about pipeline projects or those which are in the early stages.

The funding is available for over 100 energy-efficiency technologies and Salix can provide support for programmes of work spanning multiple years.

Since launching the programme in 2006, Salix have worked with almost 100 HEIs to support over 4,000 projects which are estimated to save £35 million and around 130,000 tonnes of carbon every year.

To apply for funding please follow the link to the application page. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of the HE team who will be happy to help.

St George’s, University of London Case Study:
St George’s, University of London, used £947,000 interest-free Salix funding and £646,344 of their own internal funding to replace their existing, inefficient absorption chillers. In addition, the University also installed a new Building Management System to serve and control the new system.

These projects are estimated to save the University £175,471 and over 636 tonnes of carbon* every year.

Derek Bannister, Director of Estates and Facilities, St George’s, University of London said:

“Our chiller replacement works have enabled St George's, University of London to replace its obsolete and inefficient chiller plant, with highly efficient electric air-cooled chillers.

"This has improved the overall resilience across our buildings and provided a platform to carry out future energy efficient improvements to our infrastructure to support our Estates Master Plan and Carbon Management Plan. The funding and assistance provided by Salix Finance has been vital in the delivery of these works and our future aims.”

* Calculated using emissions factors published by government in 2017 for carbon foot-printing purposes
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