Scottish Government publish New Climate Change Plan 2018-2032

13th March 2018

The Scottish Government have published their new Climate Change Plan - The Third Report on Proposals and Policies (RPP3) - for 2018-2032. The plan, which is partnered with the Energy Strategy, is to be used as a roadmap for Scotland to transition to a low carbon economy, outlining how it will achieve the ambitious carbon emissions reduction targets of 66% by the year 2032. This continues Scotland's drive to be a world leader in addressing climate change, and precedes the changes to the new Climate Change Bill which is expected to be passed later in 2018.

The RPP3 provides a strategic framework of targets, policies and actions required; outlining the context of the plan, the statutory duties associated with it, and a more in-depth breakdown of targets and plans for each sector.

The Further and Higher Education sector, which is included under Public Bodies, will be a key leader to help drive down carbon emissions within all sectors, and act as an example on climate action and low carbon innovation. Public Bodies are named as a key component for meeting the targets through their ability to influence and enable positive behaviour to help drive change.

Some of the key targets for each sector:
  • Electricity: by 2030 50% of Scotland energy will come from renewable sources
  • Buildings: by 2032 a reduction in carbon emissions of 33% in residential and non-residential buildings with 70% of heat and cooling for non-domestic buildings will be supplied using low carbon heat technologies
  • Transport: by 2032 petrol and diesel cars will be phased out with a 37% reduction in emissions from the transport sector
  • Industry: by 2032 a reduction of 21% in emission through fuel diversification, cost saving energy efficiency and heat recovery
  • Waste: by 2032 a reduction of 52% emissions from waste including UN Sustainable Development Goal aim to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030
  • Land Use, Land Use Change, and Forestry (LULUCF): by 2030 250,000 hectares of degraded peatlands will have been restored and by 2032 woodland cover will have increased to 21%
  • Agriculture: by 2032 the emissions from the agriculture sector is to have decreased by 9% with the ambition for Scotland to be one of the lowest carbon and most efficient food producers in the world

To read the full Scottish Government Climate Change Plan click here.

The Scotland Team will be working with the sector and strategic partners to help deliver this plan over the coming years – if you want to get in touch about our work please contact the Scotland Office.
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