Sharing our Members’ activity from Climate Week

2nd April 2013

The GreenCow event was featured in last weeks SRUC news, stressing the progress researchers are making in seeking ways to reduce methane production by ruminant livestock. However one of the VIP guests was Iain Patton, CEO of The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) which had presented us with two GreenGown awards in the autumn, one (shared with UWS) for the building at Riverside in Ayr, the other for GreenCow.

In his speech Iain said:

“If ever I needed a reminder of the power of tertiary education, I got it between the eyes today... The research at SRUC may not be at the glamorous end of climate research but it certainly is at the sharp end. Reducing methane emissions from livestock through genetics, feed-stock and welfare has the potential to make a big dent in its estimated contribution of 18% of global green-house gases. SRUC is a worthy Green Gown Award winner, an invaluable EAUC member and a reminder of the value even a relatively small college brings to our economy, society and planet.”

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