Startup costs and mentoring for student led social enterprises based on local food

24th May 2017

Student Eats has been embedding sustainable food into student life for years. We started by helping students set up food growing sites on campuses across the UK and now we’re helping students create 67 social enterprises, starting with small projects right the way to fully fledged businesses based around local food.

Current application deadline: 23rd June 2017 (see all our key dates):

Food co-ops (last chance to apply). Food co-ops and food buying groups are terms that are often used interchangeably to describe a food outlet that is run on a not-for-profit basis to give people access to good food at affordable prices. They can include food assemblies, groups that purchase produce in bulk to get discounts, vegetable bag or box schemes, fruit and veg stalls or mobile food sellers.

Food preserving enterprises (last chance to apply). Preserve making is a fantastic way to reduce food waste by preserving fruit, and even vegetables, traditionally created when there was an abundance of seasonal produce. Methods to preserve food can include: pickling, bottling, juicing, dehydrating or even fermenting foods like kimchi and of course making jams, jellies or chutneys.

Open category. If you're interested in setting up a student-led food enterprise that isn't a food co-op or food preserving enterprise then our open category might just be for you. Your idea will need to be:
  • student-led
  • a social enterprise
  • based on local sustainable food
Have you got a BIG idea for a food enterprise? Great! From 29th September 2017 we'll be supporting 7 of our 67 approved enterprises to make their ideas even bigger by providing additional mentoring and up to £17,000 scale up costs.
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