Statement on EAUC Annual Conference sponsorship policy.

16th February 2016

The EAUC Senior Management Team has taken the decision not to accept Annual Conference sponsorship or exhibition fees from companies where their main activities are fossil fuel related.

The decision paves the way for a discussion on how and where we engage with fossil fuel companies in the future.

Our decision is taken at a time when there is growing sector debate on fossil fuel divestment and wider investment ethics.  The EAUC encourages this debate and believes that a broad approach to ethical investment is necessary to ensure a sustainable future. We believe that change comes through engagement and dialogue with business and other stakeholders and that there is a leading role for the Education Sector to play in this regard.  Speaking about divestment as a purely black and white issue risks damaging dialogue and learning if it isolates and excludes.

The EAUC encourages our Members to see this as an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding about the benefits of an ethical approach to investment. In addition, we encourage our Members to take a broad view of ethical investment beyond fossil fuels.  This will enable institutions to balance environmental, social and ethical accountability with their funding needs, providing invaluable learning opportunities and much needed stability and resilience for the future.
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