Sustainability Skills for Growth

14th February 2013

Sustainable Development is about strengthening economic well-being by equipping individuals with the right skills and values to help build strong communities, while protecting and enhancing the environment. This is the primary role of the FE and skills sector.

This LSIS project led by ESD Consulting Ltd and Bedford College aims to explore sustainability skills, their relevance to employment, employers and business, and the opportunities challenges and barriers to the FE and skills sector in leading the development of those skills.

This is one of two research projects that LSIS has recently commissioned on the topic of sustainability, which together are intended to develop our understanding of the relevance of sustainability to learning and skills development, and identify effective approaches that can be shared and embedded. The other project, led for LSIS by Change That Matters and Action for Sustainability, is exploring the relationship and relevance of sustainability and sustainable development to further education, to identify the specific skills and knowledge that teaching staff require to effectively embed sustainability in teaching, learning and the curriculum, and to determine key ingredients, opportunities and strategies. Although they are separate projects, the project teams are working closely together. You may well be invited to participate in both of these projects, and if so we hope you can do so.

Completing this survey will take no more than 10 minutes of your time. The information you provide will be invaluable in helping us define and shape the FE and skills sector’s role in developing sustainability skills.

Deadline 8th March 2013.

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