Sustainable Strathclyde release new Guidelines for Climate Change Communication

3rd February 2020

Through collaborating with a series of academic experts, environmental organisations and communications specialists, Sustainable Strathclyde have released a set of six guidelines which aim to inspire more effective communication of climate change in the Scottish environmental sector. 
In May 2019 a workshop took place at the University of Strathclyde with the aim of drawing on collective expertise to document how best to communicate climate change with public audiences. A panel discussion featured Dr Rachel Dunk (Manchester Metropolitan University), Allan Sandilands (Resource Futures), Dr Catherine Happer (University of Glasgow), Ryan Pasi (BBC The Social) and Catriona Patterson (Creative Carbon Scotland). 

Through collating the responses from the workshop and further consultation, Sustainable Strathclyde have produced a one-page document and short video outlining six guidelines that we can all follow to engage more effectively with audiences about climate change and inspire inclusive action. 

The dissemination of these resources has been made possible through the support of the Sustainable Scotland Network and the EAUC. 

These guidelines are: 
1. Be personal and authentic
2. Offer positive practical solutions
3. Use non-environmental drivers
4. Understand your audience
5. Prioritise inclusivity
6. Saturate all media types and platforms 

A more detailed overview of these guidelines can be found by downloading the document below or by watching the video below:
Sustainable Strathclyde release new Guidelines for Climate Change Communication image #1