The biggest climate march in history

24th September 2014

On Sunday 21st September, communities across the world gathered for the biggest climate march in history. With masses of people joining in over 2000 marches across the world, turnouts exceeded 40,000 people in London alone. From New York, to Melbourne to Delhi, this global event aimed to raise awareness on climate change, ahead of the UN meet in New York this week. The meeting will attempt to push forward political momentum towards a new universal agreement on climate to be signed by all nations at the end of 2015.

In the UK, marches took place in Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Stroud and Dudley and have been widely reported in national news and on social media.

Those marching included celebrities Emma Thompson and big organisations such as Oxfam and WWF, and in the Manhattan demonstration, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and actor Leonardo DiCaprio were amongst the devoted marchers.

The Guardian has a detailed report of all activities here.

The campaign against climate change provides a video described as "the film the fossil fuel industry doesn't want you to see" demonstrating the climate crisis and the enormous number of people inspired to come together in this call for action.  The video link is available here.
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