The BiGGY Summer Placements 2015

8th December 2014

The Big Green Gap Year or 'BiGGY' is recruiting highly motivated, switched on young people who want to gain relevant skills for employment linked with their career aspirations whilst making a real difference in the placements they undertake.

This is a 2 month paid placement programme for young people prior to University. The BiGGY Summer Placements 2015 are based in Gloucestershire and are open to any young people planning to go to university. Over the course of the 2 month programme young people will contribute to Gloucestershire businesses and the charitable sector bringing their creativity and fresh ideas to projects which promote sustainable practices in the organisations they work with.

Alongside this, BiGGY participants will work together as a team to plan and deliver a Green project with the University of Gloucestershire Students' Union Team Green.

The BiGGY vision

"To give students the opportunity to act as agents for positive change (social, environmental and economic) in communities, whilst developing employability skills and bridging the gap between school and University."

The BiGGY will cultivate ties between pre-university students and businesses across Gloucestershire, to stimulate sustainable employment pathways for both graduates and businesses.

BiGGY is partnered with a number of businesses and charitable sector organisations across Gloucestershire. This is an exciting and unique placement programme which offers businesses the opportunity to meet, work with and secure highly motivated young people as future employees. The programme will be based in Gloucestershire, but it is open to young people from anywhere planning to go to any university.

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