The Fruit Route

29th March 2018

The Fruit Route project involves planting, foraging, distributing, sharing and harvesting fruit, nuts and edible plants that are located along footpaths and cycle paths across the university campus.

The Fruit Route book is a celebration of the last 5 years of the project at Loughborough, the project itself is really transferable and has become a great example of a Living Lab project with partnerships in the Design School, School of the Arts and Architecture Schools.
The Fruit Route provides an enriched habitat for people, plants, insects and animals, as well as a location for cultural activities and outdoor learning. It is an integral part of the University and supports the Biodiversity Action Plan. 

Different varieties of pears, plums, damsons, greengages, hazels, almonds, apples and hedgerow species suited to the local environment - and the changing climate have been planted and are cared for by people who live, work and pass through these places providing an annual feast celebrated at harvest time.
This is an electronic version of the fruit route book, it is available here

If you would like a hard copy then please email

Here is a video on the project that was made when it was a finalist for a Green Gowns award: 

The Fruit Route  image #1