The RACE Report 2023

5th February 2024

Between April and October 2023, 142 charities, trusts and foundations that predominantly work on environmental, climate, nature or sustainability issues submitted data to The RACE Report. EAUC are proud to be able to take part in the Report's 2nd year, with the goal to drive environmental charities and funders towards a more diverse and inclusive sector.

Since 2022, the EAUC has taken action towards a greater diversity in the environmental sector by contributing to The RACE Report as a signatory. We believe in collaborating with the sector to agree a standardised reporting protocol for race data and to collect and publish this annually. As sector-wide progress is behind that of others, this campaign strives to be a catalyst for meaningful action on equality, inclusion, and anti-racism, and which increases diversity.

See current data on the sector on the RACE Report website, and download EAUC's 2023 Transparency Card . More details about EAUC's steps to improve equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) internally, across our Board and Staff, as well as externally, can be found here.
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