The University of Manchester Launches 10,000 Actions Initiative

7th November 2016

The University of Manchester has recently launched 10,000 Actions which aims to provide all 10,000+ members of University staff with the opportunity to engage in a programme of learning and positive action on sustainability.

The University of Manchester is embarking on the biggest environmental sustainability initiative in the higher education sector, engaging every member of staff in collective, measurable improvement. Each member of staff will be given the opportunity to learn about the key issues of sustainability such as travel, purchasing and energy, and the actions they can take to make a big difference.

An online tool has been developed for University staff, based on the University’s own research and experience, to enable all staff to develop a personal sustainability action plan. The University has also made an online tool available to its 8,000 suppliers to encourage them to reflect on their own sustainability practices.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for the University, central to its core goal of social responsibility. The University campus is the size of a small town, stretching over 667 acres and with up to 50,000 people using its facilities every day, 4,500 tons of waste are produced each year and £50,000 a day is spent on energy consumption.

They’ve built environmental sustainability considerations into all its campus development, with energy efficiency a priority in new buildings and in the refurbishment and renovation of existing buildings. Their goal is to reduce campus carbon emissions by 40% by 2020, from the baseline figures of 2008.

In addition to 10,000 Actions, the University has brought staff on this journey through participation in the national Green Awards scheme for teams of staff and students, and the establishment of the University Campus as a ‘living lab’ for teaching and research around issues of sustainability and low carbon. They have proactive policies to encourage cycling and use of public transport, and to use energy and manage waste disposal responsibly.

Source: University of Manchester
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