Tridonic extends CPD offering with three new modules

3rd January 2017

Tridonic extends CPD offering with three new modules 

* All modules CIBSE certified

Tridonic, a leader in the provision of LED lighting control and technology, has announced the availability of three new CPD modules. This brings the total number of modules available to nine, all of which have been certified by CIBSE. Any organisation interested in booking modules should contact Kirstie Abbott by email at

The three new modules are:

Emergency Battery technology – This provides information on the different battery technologies used in self- contained emergency luminaires in the UK and lists their advantages and limitations. It goes on to give information on the extensive testing performed by inverter manufacturers to ensure battery lifetime and compatibility with their products.

LED handling and precautions – With the rapid move to LED usage the lighting industry is undergoing a large technological change which includes dealing with electronic components that can be damaged by the voltages generated through static build-up in the human body and other objects. This module explains the need for the correct storage and handling of static sensitive products and how this can be achieved.

LED Terminology - The introduction of LEDs within the lighting industry has brought new terminology which must be understood in order to correctly use these products. This CPD explains the new terms found on LED module and LED driver documentation.

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