University fossil fuel divestment total tips £80 billion globally

17th August 2017

We have a wealth of information available on the Sustainability Exchange in regards to divestment including articles and webinars. Click here to access.

EAUC supports its Members wherever they are in their ethical investment journey and recognises that this is a very complex area for institutions. EAUC encourages its Members to see this as an opportunity to adopt a wider ethical approach to their investments, rather than focusing solely on a single issue. Taking a broader view of sustainability will enable institutions to balance environmental, social and ethical accountability with their funding needs, providing invaluable learning opportunities and much needed stability and resilience for the future.

UK universities have emerged as world leaders on fossil fuel divestment as the total value of funds being withdrawn by higher education institutions globally tips £80 billion. Read more in an article in Time Higher Education about a report by the student campaigning network People and Planet and the National Union of Students.
University fossil fuel divestment total tips £80 billion globally image #1