University of Liverpool Invest in Sustainable Energy Centre

28th November 2016

Installation works have commenced on site, as Vital Energi begin the installation of a new £1.5m Energy Centre, for the new Greenbank halls of residence at the University of Liverpool. Vital Energi have a longstanding relationship with the University of Liverpool and have previously installed the University’s district heating network and converted their Grade II former mortuary building into a CHP-powered energy centre.
The finished Energy Centre will contain two 1MW boilers, four 250kW boilers, one 230kWe CHP, one 150kWe CHP and eight thermal stores, each with a storage volume of 8m3.
Due to the proximity of the student accommodation, the project requires strict acoustic performance of the plant and equipment to ensure there will be no disruption to the residents. The project team will begin work on site by first putting up an acoustic ceiling in the Energy Centre to prevent noise pollution. 
Mike Worrall, Contracts Manager for Vital Energi, commented, “The University have a clear commitment to ensuring noise from the energy centre doesn’t disturb the students as they live, sleep and study at Greenbank Residences. Our designers were able to create a solution which, not only ensures all plant related noise will be mitigated, but will also see low-carbon energy generated for decades to come.”
Greenbank Student Village, which is approximately 3 miles away from the main university campus, will be home to around 1,361 students and is currently undergoing a major redevelopment. Once complete, it will include facilities such as, social spaces, library, entertainment spaces and a fitness room.
Installation of the main energy plant is scheduled for completion in February 2017.
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