Why are universities important to the green agenda?

6th March 2014

Katie Harrison, intern at University Alliance, gives us her thoughts on this:

"Universities have made impressive strides in contributing to the green agenda since the issue became a national priority following the 2008 Climate Change Act. In many cases they are going above and beyond what is required of them, demonstrating commitment and leadership on what is a challenging agenda.

How are universities contributing to the Green Agenda?

Firstly, in changing the management of their estates so that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable, universities are showcasing the best of technology in eco-buildings, renewable energy sources, efficient water usage and waste disposal. They are harnessing the technology that is available to cut their emissions and reduce their environmental impact. In the best cases universities are becoming beacons for sustainability, providing shining examples to other large organisations in the private and public sector.

Secondly, they are creating a sustainable future. Through research they are providing answers to many of the questions about climate change such as: What is it? What impact is it having? How should we respond? Through education they are preparing their graduates for a more sustainable future, giving them the knowledge, understanding and skills they need.

What are universities doing?

The greenest universities are embedding sustainability into everything they do, creating a culture within the university which values sustainability"

Find out what the University of Bradford (pictured) and other universities are doing.

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