Realigning Curricula for the Future: Sustainability and Support for Learning

Tags: ESD | Education for sustainable development | Learning for Sustainability | LfS | Outdoor Learning

Realigning Curricula for the Future: Sustainability and Support for Learning image #1

This hour long event is part of a series called 'Realigning Curricula for the Future' aiming to support specific subjects to implement sustainability in their teaching. February 2024's meeting focussed on Engineering

Attendees heard an example of good practice when embedding sustainability in the curriculum, discussed key questions around integrating Education for Sustainable Development, and heard about some further examples and research to support this.

The recording features: 

- introductions and participants sharing their contexts (starts 0:00)

- Case Study: Gemma Cummins, Lecturer for Supported Learning at Glasgow Kelvin College (starts 17:33)

- Discussion and participants sharing their stories and questions (starts 33.03)

- Brief overview of further examples (starts 42:05)

- Final Q&A, discussion, and close (starts 45:56)

Further resources:

Steven Haden from Dundee & Angus College: Green Gown Award Finalist video. Watch a two minute video where he talks about his work around sustainability and support for learning classes.

A paper on Urban Gardening and Students with Additional Support Needs by lecturer Don MacKeen: Urban gardening as a teaching tool for neurodivergent students, neurodivergent students as educational ambassadors in the community, and sustainable education through outdoor vocational practices

University of Edinburgh Earth Institute Nature Based Learning resources: 

  • Watch this video capturing student voice on why nature-based and outdoor learning is important to them and what they would like to see more of at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Guidelines and resources for nature based and outdoor learning