Salix Finance further education case studies

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Salix has worked with 725 clients across the public sector, including local authorities, central government, schools, universities and colleges and NHS trusts.

On average Salix projects will pay back their costs within 3.4 years and go on to save almost four times the original investment over their effective lifetime.  All Salix grants and loans are either reinvested in new projects or eventually returned to government. 

See below for a selection of Further Education (FE) case studies illustrating how Salix help clients save money and reduce emissions. 

CO2 savings from these projects are expected to realise in excess of 350000 tonnes over their lifetime.

Eastleigh College - Salix, through its SEELS programme, has supported a number of projects at Eastleigh College to the value of £190,000, including boiler upgrades, cavity wall insulation, power optimisation, pipe insulation, heating controls, lighting and lighting controls.

The college stands to save £600,000 and 2,500 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of these technologies.

City of Sunderland College - Boiler replacement costing £345,000 will save well over £1million and almost 4.5 tonnes CO2.