Sembang@WWF - Storytelling platform for students and youth

Tags: ESD | students | WWF | Eco-schools | Malaysia

Sembang [pronounced same-bunk], a bilingual story-telling platform is the brainchild of WWF-Malaysia ESD. It aims to provide youths their own platform to speak and share their ideas on environmental sustainability activities to a larger audience through story-telling. Additionally, its creation is aligned to ESD’s aspiration of creating and developing young leaders who are capable and willing to change their mindset and behaviours for a more sustainable future.

The concept and idea hinges on one of the steps advocated in the strategies of ESD and that is informing and involving society in their sustainability initiatives ongoing in their respective schools, teacher education campuses, universities, and even communities.

Sembang, though it alludes to a laidback sentiment in Bahasa Melayu, will be the total opposite of its linguistic meaning in execution. The word was chosen because it embodies the spirit of inclusivity of ESD. It also symbolises the aesthetic value and traditional knowledge promotion, which are among the core values of ESD.

The number of speakers in this second installment of Sembang@WWF has grown from three to eight. The speakers are students and youth representing the three ESD projects; Eco-Schools Programme, Eco-Institutes and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Consumption and Production. They will be sharing their experience and knowledge on a broad range of topics from shark conservation to impact of haze to stopping illegal trade of endangered species.

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