Staffordshire University Green Wall Centre

Tags: energy | climate | urban | wall | gree


At Staffordshire University researchers have been studying green façades in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme and different living wall systems in Birmingham, London and the Greater London area, looking at the environmental values of urban green walls (i.e. thermal insulation, particulate pollution, climate mitigation, etc.) with a specific focus on animal biodiversity.

Working relationships have been forged with the main ‘green wall’ commercial companies in the UK (ANS, Scotscape, Biotecture, and Treebox) and especially with Mobilane, a Dutch company which has its British office in Kidsgrove.

Taking advantage of this expertise on green walls and experience in the different commercial systems, a Green Wall Centre has been set up within Staffordshire University to offer consulting services and continue research on green walls.