Student Engagement Winner: The University of Adelaide

Adelaide Sustainability Association: Sustainability Super Group

The Adelaide Sustainability Association (ASA) provides dynamic professional development opportunities for students at the University of Adelaide. Developed by students, for students, the club with 900+ members is empowering undergraduates through programs, activities and events that increase global environmental awareness, improve skills and develop capabilities relevant to future careers in sustainability. Led by a passionate student committee and with the assistance of key staff mentors, the ASA is motivating the student body to be inspired, not overwhelmed, by the opportunities that climate change presents.

“This Green Gown Award will celebrate the leadership of the Adelaide Sustainability Association executive committee, and inspire further positive action by Club members. This Award would help to promote the value of multi-disciplinary, goal-orientated Clubs like the ASA at other universities, and would encourage industry bodies to get involved in student-led activities on campus.”
Phillipa Schliebs, Engagement Project Officer

Top 3 learnings:

  1. Uniting like-minded students across multiple disciplines will generate perspective, and variety in solutions to environmental and economic problems.
  2. Utilising influential staff members to champion a student club, can increase engagement with local industry and the wider university community.
  3. Students are optimistic about the future and confident that they can make a difference.