Suste IT Carbon Accounting Tool

Tags: carbon | ICT | suste


The Suste IT Tool, designed by Prof Peter James of HEEPI now and funded by JISC, is a simple carbon accounting tool that calculates the amount of energy (kWh), carbon (CO2) and money (£) is spent on ICT related energy use.

To calculate this, the following data are needed:

The energy requirement (kWh) of each piece of ICT equipment, (phones, copiers, PC's, HPC's, servers, etc) of the institution The length of time each runs on day (hrs/day) When these data are slotted into the tool, it calculates the total energy requirements and running costs. The information is presented in a pie and bar chart and energy and carbon use of each category of ICT equipment is reported in a table.

This helps the users to identify their main ICT energy consumers. The tool could also be used to estimate how much energy could potentially be saved through the use of more sustainable technology.