The Leeds Way to a Sustainable Curriculum

Tags: sustainability | education | teaching

Building knowledge and capacity through our student education programme is fundamental to our teaching strategy at The University of Leeds. Global insight, ethics and responsibility are core to the Leeds Curriculum, ensuring students benefit from an outstanding sustainable education and experience, and further boosting their employability. University of Leeds Sustainability Services work directly with colleagues across the University to develop teaching material and share experience of integrating sustainability into the curriculum, through creating modules, research opportunities and tailored lectures. The Leeds Curriculum Discovery Theme elective, Creating Sustainable Futures, allows students from a wide range of disciplines to complete sustainability modules throughout their time at Leeds. Through the modules, students are exposed to a range of different tools and approaches that can be used in tackling the global and local challenges that are shaping our world. Students explore methods of solving sustainability issues at work, in communities or individual lifestyles. Hands-on experience in the local community and partnership approaches are core to module delivery, and the Community Engagement module has been designed specifically to equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience to establish, prepare for, undertake and reflect on a project based placement in partnership within a community host organisation.