The Pedagogy of Transition: Educating for the Future We Want

Tags: stephen sterling | Pedagogy of Transition | ecological imperatives

The new GTI Forum, The Pedagogy of Transition, explores how to align education with emerging social and ecological imperatives. The times call for approaches that cultivate integrated knowledge and global citizenship, while preparing students for curious, well-informed, big-hearted lives. Instead, we continue to educate for a world we don’t want.

Forward-looking educators confront the challenge at two levels: long-term efforts to adapt educational systems for a changing world and the near-term work creating alternative curricula and pedagogies within existing systems. The Forum is thus divided into two panels, Frameworks and Practices. The first appraises the state of education today, the factors maintaining its deficiencies, and strategies for its reformation. The second reports on the kinds of innovations already in the classroom (and beyond) that point the way forward.

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