Turnaround leadership for sustainability in higher education project - executive summary report 2012

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The study was commissioned by the Australian Government to support the work of the Sustainable Futures Leadership Academy (SFLA). The study was led by Prof Geoff Scott and was undertaken in collaboration with Prof Elizabeth Deane, Leith Sharp and Daniella Tilbury.

Peter Rands, Canterbury Christ Church University, says,

"I was very fortunate to be involved in an international planning meeting for the Sustainable Futures Leadership Academy that was funded as part of the project, which included some fascinating and illuminating insights from colleagues across the globe.

Whilst I am fairly new to this agenda, my experience at Canterbury Christ Church University over the past 6 years is echoed by the findings of the report. Our own approach already follows some of the recommendations and we will be considering how we can further use this in the coming year.

For those of you in similar roles to mine, who are struggling with inertia and obvious changes in priority within the sector, I believe the report provides very practical and pragmatic guidance to support our continued work in Education for Sustainable Futures.