Scotland's universities and colleges have publicly declared their intention to address the challenges of climate change and reduce their carbon footprints by signing the Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS) - this programme is delivered by the EAUC and funded by the Scottish Funding Council. Signatories produce and publish a 5-year Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) which will be incorporated into established improvement processes, with the aim to achieve a significant reduction in emissions.

Guidance Sheets

A series of 14 Guidance Sheets are being developed to introduce introductory information into sustainability themes. Each will represent the primary areas of impact and influence institutions have to the contributing factors and intervention measures relating to climate change.

These Sheets will cover:

  • Introduction to the climate change related subject matter;
  • Description of the subject matter in both a Scottish and International context;
  • Description of the subject matter with regards to Scottish, UK and EU Legislation;
  • Description of the subject matter with regards to key technical aspects;
  • Description of the subject matter with regards to climate change;
  • Description of the subject matter with regards to the UCCCfS.

An introduction sheet and three other themes are currently available, but please watch this space for the remainder of the series which will include:

1. Water Management;
2. Waste Management and Recycling;
3. Renewable Energy;
4. Transportation and Travel Planning;
5. Carbon Emission Reduction;
6. Procurement and Trade;
7. Energy Efficiency;
8. Information and Communication Technology;
9. Sustainable Design, Construction and Building Materials;
10. Biodiversity;
11. Community;
12. Sustainable Development;
13. Behaviour Change and
14. Waste Batteries