This UCU energy inspection checklist is compiled from a combination of Carbon Trust and Prospect checklists and is designed to assess the energy use in your building via an energy walk around. An energy walk around is an assessment of energy use in your building and is one of the key techniques in energy management. Its aim is to identify bad practice, inefficient equipment and poor energy habits with the end result being a formulated plan designed to eradicate them. The checklist is broken down into four parameters: Energy, Heating & Air Conditioning, lighting and equipment.

Using a checklist which specifically target energy used in conjunction with an energy walk around will help enable you to:

  • see what’s happening on the ground,
  • identify wasteful energy use,
  • identify opportunities for savings
  • identify maintenance issues that need addressing  

Energy management is directly linked to financial savings because it is one of the largest controllable costs in organisations. There is considerable scope for consumption reductions and identifying where the saving opportunities lie.