USHA Regulatory Compliance Guide

Tag: Regulations

Welcome to the USHA Regulatory Compliance Guide. This Guide seeks to provide a comprehensive listing of all the key legislation and guidance associated with managing estates within a University environment.

It has been compiled by USHA Limited working with the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE), Association of University Engineers (AUE) and Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges (EAUC).

Universities are invariably large and complex areas carrying out a wide range of both academic research and teaching. These estates contain several risks all of which must be managed to ensure they provide a healthy and safe environment for those using them including staff, students and visitors. Estates management could not be carried out without a good understanding of Health & Safety because the two are inextricably linked. This guidance has therefore been produced to help support those whose role it is to ensure that the University complies with Health & Safety legislation specifically from an estates management perspective. I hope you’ll agree that the framework within this document provides the right level of information to enable a sensible, pragmatic approach to be taken to minimize those risks and ensure legal compliance. 

The guide seeks to assist those currently in and new to the sector in identifying their key compliance requirements in what is a complex legislative environment. It is a listing of the documents that contain the regulations, codes of practice and guidance needed to demonstrate compliance and that university estates are safe and well managed places to live, study and work. As such it does not replace the need to study the original documents in order to determine what is required, but will point you towards the right documents and give a top level view of what each document requires.

Thank you to EAUC members who helped contribute to this guidance.