Videos: 'A Cry from Palawan, The Philippines' and 'What is at Stake Behind the Energy

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Moving Beyond Technological Solutions to the Climate Crisis

The films, “A Cry from Palawan, The Philippines” and “What is at Stake Behind the Energy Transition,” make the case for the social and environmental transition urgently needed today. They point out that the world needs nickel for the energy transition, but it cannot come at the cost of deforestation and destruction of local habitats, such as that seen on this beautiful island, Palawan.

Here, a Just Transition would mean that the local indigenous people and the workers have a voice and collective influence over the expansion of the nickel mining areas. They suffer the consequences of destructions of local habitats. They are the people most immediately impacted by the mining operations and, therefore, the ones who most fervently articulate the necessary social and environmental perspective that will benefit not only them but us all.

Electronics Watch has produced these two videos to make the case for the social and environmental transition. The videos, produced on behalf of Electronics Watch by Pacific Asia Resource Center and Friends of the Earth, Japan, with support from Bread for All, depict the environmental and social impacts of nickel mining in the Philippines.