Green Gown Awards 2017 - The University of Nottingham - Finalist

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Enactus Nottingham – creating business, transforming lives

Enactus Nottingham is part of a global, student run organisation designed to help students develop into entrepreneurs, and have an impact.

At Enactus Nottingham we innovate and implement social enterprises until they are ready to hand over to individuals or organisations within the community. For example, Re-covered works with the University and 18 partner organisations in Nottingham to collect furniture that would otherwise go to landfill, and sell it on at affordable rates to underprivileged members in the community.

As a result of work such as this we have impacted the lives of thousands of people since we began, and have built a strong legacy within the University, for which some students often choose the university business school. Most recently, Enactus Nottingham won the national competition in 2016 because of the work of our 120 members. 

Top 3 learnings:

1 If you keep doing what you have always done, nothing will ever change.

2 Do not be afraid to fail - for every 9 enterprises that fail, we build 1 that makes it all worth it.

3 If you ever feel demotivated, remember why you are doing this.

CO2t savings over the life cycle of the project:

40 over the last 13 years (estimated)