Green Gown Awards 2017 - University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion - Finalist

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Blockchain in fashion

This exciting project highlights the role of blockchain technology and how it can increase transparency in the fashion industry by tracking the journey of raw material through the supply chain, and finally to finished garment.

The project brought together London College of Fashion (LCF) staff from our Fashion Innovation Agency, LCF recent alumna Neliana Fuenmayor of A Transparent Company, the technology company Provenance and the London based sustainable designer Martine Jarlgaard, who showcased her blockchain-tracked garment at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on 11th May 2017, as the world’s first garment using technology to substantiate product provenance from raw material to finished product.

The reception has been hugely positive with the project featured in a number of publications already since the summit, communicating this innovative step across the industry.

Top 3 learnings:

1 Blockchain has the potential to forge greater trust in businesses along a fashion supply chain.

2 The hugely positive industry reception means this project can begin to force change in brands’ transparency.

3 “Vision, ethics, accountability and education – these are the most important ingredients for change”, designer Martine Jaarlgard.