Green Gown Awards 2017 - University of the West of England, Bristol, Finalist

Tags: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship | Green Gown Awards 2017 Finalist

Team entrepreneurship – students building sustainable businesses

Students learn through building their own businesses on the BA Business (Team Entrepreneurship) course at UWE Bristol.

They know they can strengthen their business future by starting with sustainability benefits in mind. This is a new course, with the second cohort graduating in 2017, and rapidly gaining a reputation for students who make a strong, positive impact in their communities. 

This is highlighted by two of the businesses of this year’s graduating students: Pelico – a delivered, healthy, fast food business; and Green Wheels – an on-campus bike reuse and maintenance business.

Top 3 learnings:

1 We maintain a high-profile commitment to sustainability across the University and Student Union.

2 We challenge students to learn by doing.

3 Our students’ businesses are their own real businesses.